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Oculus with four dragons, dismounted healer

Posted by Chris Jones
On December 27th, 2009 at 13:00

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So we ran heroic Oculus with a dismounted healer (me) today. It was unintentional: I got knocked down early and landed on Treasure Island safely, where I healed myself up and started healing the other drakes. It was much easier to keep the rest of the group up as a T9 Tree than it was on a green drake. We won with only one other player getting dismounted.

Edit: My second Oculus of the day disbanded before I could pick up a drake. I replaced a healer who quit after a wipe on Eregos: people are still convinced this is hard, which just goes to show they never tried it before 3.3 nerfed him. Amber Void, Emerald Void, and Ruby Void are much more attainable now than they were a month ago.

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