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Typing hurts

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 28th, 2008 at 13:57

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I was none too pleased with the zombie invasion in WoW: all the griefers, jerks, and people we don’t want to play with showed up, stole kills, infected the AH . . .

in my WoW cancellation reason for Blizzard, I entered:

Zombies. After this last weekend, I’m not sure I want to spend any time with these people.

I sent my share of petitions for foul language. All in all, I’d count the zombie weekend as a disaster for anyone who wasn’t already bored of the game. It was enough to make my wife and I walk away from WoW, and she has an overpowered fresh level 61 Enhancement Shaman she leveled from creation in the time it took me to go from 43 to 57. That’s pretty damn good alienation of your casual customers, Blizzard.

Even if I wanted to, I couldn’t play well, or for very long. I cut myself with a steak knife while preparing pet food on Sunday evening. I spent three hours in the emergency room before being discharged.

There are parts in there that you’re not supposed so see. Something was nicely severed that looked like a spaghetti noodle. The doctor was worried about tendons, but I still had a good grip.

The stitches go in. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you how many. I couldn’t watch, except through the phone’s screen. It’s funny how I needed the experience to be mediated.

Almost done. This is about where it started to hurt: the local wasn’t very strong on the inside edge of my thumb, but I wasn’t about to ask the doctor to add more. The anesthetic makes your nerves feel like they’re burning as they start to shut off. I could feel pressure for sure, and definitely the sting of the suturing needle.

All stitched up and waiting for antibiotic gel. I asked about the suturing kit: it’s less expensive to throw it out than it is to autoclave the instruments. Later, the nurse came back and cleaned most of the blood off my hand and wrapped it.

The sock is tube gauze, stretched over a metal frame and pulled over the horse wrap and sterile gauze. My thumb and hand itch and the thumb hurts, and every time I stretch my hand to do things like move a chair, type, or tie a shoelace, I can feel the stitches pull and the would stretch open. Although I’m splinted, I’m also double jointed and can pull my thumb away from the splint.

Yeah, it was a lot of blood. The kitchen looked like I tried to paint it with an airbrush. We’re still finding blood two days later.

For 10 days, no fun coding (I can’t really type now . . . I’m a two handed, home-row typist) and no FPS gaming. WoW is barely playable, and mostly if I just use the mouse for everything.

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