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Just like launch day

Posted by Chris Jones
On August 22nd, 2008 at 07:36

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We lost access to the WAR closed beta on Wednesday, although we didn’t know because we didn’t try to log in that night to play. Yesterday evening, I was discussing ranged classes with Becky and she was convinced to try the Shadow Warrior (despite what we felt was a poor starting area) and I was going to try the Sorcerer.

WAR Closed Beta was down. A note stated that they were preparing for the preview weekend, which I’ve been dreading all week as I figured I’d end up stuck in a newbie zone, waiting for named mobs to respawn, and tripping over other players. I figured, however, that Mythic would have to have plenty of servers up, and maybe I could leave a quick note with Becky that she could come play WAR today while I’m at work.

Launch Day Preview

Becky has felt that the last phases of this beta could have been handled better. Although Mythic has emphasized communicating through the Herald, she still felt cut-off as the standard has been set that patch notes, downtime, and important updates are displayed by the patcher–which rarely showed anything up-to-date. I ended up getting my best information from the Warhammer Alliance boards and a couple guild sites I’d check now and again.

It looks like the authentication server is acting as a significant point of failure in the process of selecting a server on which to play, and that the servers themselves are capped at 1600 players, about half of the server cap for DAOC. I can assure you that, at least until players spread out from gaining levels, 1000 players on the server make most of the low-level zones feel crowded.

Becky has had such poor customer experiences from the beta, with (to her) randomly downed servers during the middle of the day, the crowded newbie zones, and the RvR-based elder game that she’s looking to take a pass on WAR altogether–and can’t understand what I like about the game. (Is it enough that WoW is old?) We both realize this is a beta, but she was expecting it to be more like LOTRO’s beta and less like Shadowbane’s.

Launch Day Preview 2

It looks like Mythic raised the server caps. I can log in now–of course, now I have to leave for work.

2 Responses to “Just like launch day”

  1. Sirius Says:

    The beginning of the War Preview Weekend for me has been a downer. I wanted to at least get some initial impressions of the game before I went into work since I wasn’t able to participate in the Closed Beta. What I’ve seen so far has left a bad taste in my mouth.

    I’ve gotten stuck at the character creation screen, restarted. Stuck at the Nordland loading screen for ten minutes, restarted. Three CTD’s, graphical glitches, and lag galore. The last of which ended up freezing the game and leaving every npc and player around as well as me, decapitated (I tried to take a screenshot but all I got was a black screen). The game for me is pretty much unplayable and everything on my computer is current and up-to-date.

    I understand that the the game is still in Beta but I didn’t expect it to be this bad even with the extra load on the servers. I’m going to skip the War Preview and the Open Beta for now. I’ll check back in during commercial release and if I’m able to play for more than ten minutes at a time, I’ll invest in the game.

  2. anam Says:

    Forums are always one of the best source for information about a game, especially during beta. And Warhammer Alliance is definitely the most complete when it comes to WAR! 🙂