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Taking notes

Posted by Chris Jones
On August 18th, 2008 at 10:53

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I’ve started taking notes in Warhammer for doing some of the early quests, to try to detect patterns and improve efficiency, my wife’s biggest gripe about Warhammer (there are many occasions where you need to go back to previous towns to turn in quests, and a lot more running around than she likes).

I’ve only taken notes on the Empire starting area (it’s new to me), and I’m going out of my way to try to identify history and lore and notable NPC unlocks. I’ve submitted a bunch of bugs and gameplay issues, and I only wish that Closed Beta was going on a little longer so I could get more done before the masses arrive.

I think Becky is going to take a pass on Warhammer. Dungeon Runners is very appealing to her right now, although she dislikes how much larger the dungeons get after the first set (Algernon) simply because it takes much more time to clear them, and she really needs a break from World of Warcraft. She’s still trying the WAR beta but the game doesn’t appeal to her very much. I think I may now have a shrinkwrapped WAR collector’s edition with unused pre-order keys arriving on September 18.

RvR has been about what I expect. My Goblin Shaman tends to be pretty hard to kill, although I specialized into healing instead of damage so it takes me quite a while to kill tank and healer classes. It typically takes duos or trios to take me out when I’m paying attention to my health, although this might be a little harder for them now that I’ve picked up a couple more RvR-specific abilities. I’m still most interested in the game for PvE at this point, and that’s pretty rich and well polished. Public Quests are downright addictive, especially because they give you great equipment rewards for rolling at the top for the chest loot and from the local rally master. Finally, in PvE or RvR, tanks tend to be pretty rare (apparently, Shamans are the FOTM for Greenskins, even more than Squig Herders), so every Black Orc can easily form a group and get a couple (or three) pocket healers following him around.

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