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Weekend update

Posted by Chris Jones
On March 10th, 2008 at 11:45

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I got my new laptop on Friday, an ASUS G1S-B1 from NewEgg. It was the best deal on the hardware that I could find, and it’s a strong performer, over five times faster (in terms of 3DMark 06) than my desktop. Lenovo wouldn’t have shipped a laptop to me until March 20, so it was worth going with such a consistently well-reviewed piece of hardware. I spent a lot of time playing Waffle in Warsong Gulch over the weekend. This week, I’ll be receiving a Zalman notebook cooler and a SIIG USB Soundwave 7.1 Pro USB microphone and audio adapter. The cooler is for obvious reasons, and this one reviewed well. The USB audio is because on my last Cardinal laptop, a Dell, the solder on the audio card and audio jack was defective which caused the audio to fail. Since I only plan on using headphones and a microphone when playing in a different room from Becky, I’ll plug the audio adapter into a USB hub (a poor man’s docking station) and use it that way.

The afternoon after I ordered my laptop, Arnold’s eye started weeping. He apparently developed glaucoma in his right eye, the feline iris melanoma finally progressing to the point where, during our vet trip on Thursday afternoon, Dr. Wrycha recommended enucleation. I dropped Arnold off at the vet for surgery this morning: he gets the last of the tax refund money and all of the pet savings account for his medical care. Arnold spent the weekend feeling no pain as I’ve kept him doped up on Torbugesic syrup, 1.0 cc’s every twelve hours.


Brody and Rose are getting alone. While Becky and I played online games, Rose babysat Brody.

Rose and Brody

Brody is a very sweet, cuddly dog. He’s going to be a total nightmare when he gets to be a “teen” in three months or so.


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