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Mockup in progress

Posted by Chris Jones
On December 28th, 2007 at 17:49

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Demo in progressAn iPhone web app mockup

Supposedly (I’ll have to test this at home) it’ll display without the iPhone graphic framing the content on a real iPhone. I’m not sure that I understand logic in CSS files well enough to guarantee that.

Does anyone have a lead on good tilesets for demos or mockups, game oriented (I don’t care about the theme, as long as people look distinctive and there’s a little bit of furniture or props available), around 20×20 pixels? I don’t want to make a smiley demo.

Note that I don’t have any of the Javascript hooked up for this, and I’ve only tested it under Firefox (so far).

Edit: The media tag didn’t work as I needed it to–I could restructure the CSS and probably fix it under the iPhone so that the fake iPhone frame won’t show up. Internet Explorer 6, on the other hand, can’t render it properly in any case: problems with DIV tags, or so it looks.

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