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Designing for the iPhone could be a full time job

Posted by Chris Jones
On December 28th, 2007 at 12:36

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Check out Apple’s iPhone Safari Web Content guidelines (PDF, 6.1 MB) for some ideas about why iPhone web page development is different from typical web page development. A lot is the same: CSS, layout and positioning, XHTML and standards, etc. Some is different, like a META tag that defines the viewport size. And some new page events are generated, like onorientationchange–and there’s a hell of a lot you simply can’t do. It makes you, as a web application designer or developer, think hard about the interactions you plan on using and consider if they’re necessary or other ways that they can be done. And as a web app developer, you’re suddenly thinking about minimizing content sizes again and keeping an entire page under 30 MB, stripping unnecessary whitespace, and optimizing for a relatively slow 100 Kbps EDGE connection with 500 ms latency (since your users won’t always be using WiFi).

onorientationchange is going to require an additional 30% or more work for designing the page layout.

Here’s a thought for budding iPhone web app developers to mull on:

The finger and tap interface isn't the same as using a mouse

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