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Slaving away with Perl

Posted by Chris Jones
On September 11th, 2007 at 14:59

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A friend said,

Java’s boxing / unboxing drives me batty and I waste tons of time on it

He was referring to operations in Java 1.4 (and earlier) like:

  Collection c = new ArrayList();
  c.add(new Integer(100);
  Integer i = (Integer)c.get(0);
  int foo = i.intValue();

I’d like to know what makes a Perl hacker think

  @foo = @{ $bar[idx] };

is intuitive casting syntax.

The good news is that I’ve more or less completed a proof of concept in Perl for work. The bad news is that it had to be done in Perl.

One Response to “Slaving away with Perl”

  1. Thomas Engelke Says:

    Perl is like the Force: Only if you realize that resisting it is only you fighting against yourself, you can see that the structure of perl is logical, intuitive and fun.

    Frankly, after programming in other languages for several years and discovering Perl, it was like an epiphany. Perl will almost always do what you would most expect, a feat no other language has ever achieved.