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Posted by Chris Jones
On June 7th, 2007 at 09:39

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CombatSim-0.1.0 is a bug-fixed re-release of 0.0.3. Elapsed combat time calculations are correct, as is effective DPS calculation. The code has been refactored (since 0.0.2) to facilitate reuse in a real game, albeit a trivial one given the state of the combat core, and the overall sim is ready for the next set of enhancements, including n-attackers and multiple combat skill use. Later, I’d like to add the capability to define your own combat rules (within the data structures the sim provides).

Between 0.0.2 and 0.0.3, the format of the combatsim.settings file changed slightly and the old version is no longer completely compatible (two fields were added). As this is not an alpha quality application, I didn’t see the need to back-down to the prior version of the settings file and transparently upgrade it.

Overall, I believe that with the recent reexamination of the code, the new metrics classes, and iterative development, this is the most accurate and useful version of CombatSim yet. You’ll need the Java 5 or Java 6 runtime (JRE or JDK) and this version has been tested against Win32 and Linux.
CombatSim-0.1.0 on Linux
One last word: this combat engine is the most primitive version of the engine I plan on using in my next development project.

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