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CombatSim 0.0.2

Posted by Chris Jones
On May 24th, 2007 at 22:26

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Written on buses and during the occasional evening, CombatSim 0.0.2 is ready for your use. It requires Java JRE 5.0 or higher and must be uncompressed into a folder before it can be used. CombatSim can be started by either double-clicking the batch file, or from the command line with (roughly):

[Win32]    C:\CombatSim-0.0.2> CS

This version adds histogram support, writing CSV files of the results, and saving settings between runs. It is in no way completely tested, so consider it of alpha release quality.

Download CombatSim-0.0.2.zip here (3.4 MB).

This is a much bigger download than version 0.0.1 because of the chart library used. It’s late and the shell interpreter on OS X is pwning my startup script, so don’t count on CS.sh working. It tested fine on Cygwin but is very unhappy on my PowerBook.

Feel free to post any questions as comments or contact me via email.

2 Responses to “CombatSim 0.0.2”

  1. maiki Says:

    I will have to install Cygwin to check it out, but I will give you any feedback I may have. I am curious about this, I have kinda been ignoring it since I didn’t plan on downloading it, but I should stop be lazy and pick as much of your brain while you are still indie as possible. ^_^

    Also, nice step away from the Kubrick-esque theme. I aggregate, so I have no idea when you changed it.

  2. Chris Says:

    It should run for you with a default Win32 (Windows XP) installation with a recent Java JRE installed. That’s how my work laptop is configured and I had no problem double-clicking the CS.bat file to run the combat sim. Cygwin will only be helpful if you want to use CS.sh (the shell script version of the launcher) instead.

    It’s an interesting toy and already has had an impact on how I play MMOs. While the conclusions you can draw are necessarily limited in applicability to other games (I have a simplified combat resolution engine compared to most MMOs), you’ll still discover interesting trends like damage is king and now you can prove it. Check out Not killing each other fast enough for ideas on how to tweak the settings to get useful results.

    I swapped the theme last night or this morning. I’ve been wanting to go back to the Newspress theme for a while because Copacetix (the old theme) was hard to read on Windows Mobile Internet Explorer, plus it feels a lot cleaner and easier on the eyes (for the most part). I finally got around to fixing things, adding elements of interest, etc., and am pretty pleased with how it turned out–for now.