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Minor update

Posted by Chris Jones
On June 13th, 2006 at 14:27

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I’ve been preoccupied with a few things lately, so I haven’t had much creativity left to spare on the blog, game design, or development. Someday, though, I’ll come back with a vengeance.

Fish Updates
For a Red Snapper, I had to write a deck of cards in Java. The implementation of that has made me think of all sorts of interesting ways to create multiplayer on-line card games. For instance, sharing a key and a common (deterministic) pseudo-random number generator lets everyone in a pick-up game of cards verify that no one is cheating, since the deck order and all operations are known. Each peer can keep a model of what the other players should have in their hands, and if someone plays something that shouldn’t be there, the cheater can be bounced from the game.

My first interview with the Red Snapper went pretty well. It was mostly a tech interview about enterprise Java development. I did well enough that I had a second interview last night, covering some enterprise Java topics, algorithms, work experience, etc. I may get a call asking me to fly out to Large Northwestern U.S. City to interview with Red Snapper in person–so I can flub it in front of a live audience. 😉

Good luck Fugu fish! I wish you all the best this week. And I haven’t forgotten about my project, but I just haven’t had a lot of time to work on it. Just in case we move, my wife and I spent a lot of the weekend cleaning (read: throwing out things we haven’t used since we bought our house), and when we weren’t cleaning she was talking to me about dogs. That said, once I got my library issues settled, there’s still something tricky going on when I’m trying initialize Python in Visual C++ that causes a segfault. I might have time to look into it Friday. I’m that busy this week, and C++ is probably my slowest coding language (aside from Pascal, Assembly, Cobol, or Prolog).

The Tuna wants me to come visit tomorrow afternoon. It’ll be nice: leave work early, drive almost but not quite all the way home, and meet four people for interviews. Ironically, the Tuna is a competitor to the Red Snapper.

Canned tuna is still here. My contract with Kroger will end, um, sometime. I think I’ll have things wrapped up before then.

I’m actively trying to help a co-worker on my project get his next position. When his contract ends, he goes without pay (no bench to back him up), so we’d both like to see him move on to something new immediately. He might have a good nibble at Giant Consumer Product Company in town for a short contract which is better than nothing.

The worst part of this is that it consumes my free thoughts such that I’m constantly thinking about:

  • moving to Home Of The PC Revolution, or
  • maybe moving to Large Northwestern U.S. City, or
  • maybe moving just a couple miles away, and
  • getting a new job and pushing my career, or
  • starting a new career, and
  • moving the pets,
  • having to place Morticia and Pugsley with new homes,
  • debt, current and that imposed by a move, etc.

I’ll be happy when this is finally settled. I can see why Becky eventually began to think in terms of, “We’re not moving to Home Of The PC Revolution after all, so I’m going to get on with life.” When I can’t stop thinking about it, I end up paralyzed with indecision: “I shouldn’t buy the large size ketchup bottle because I might move in a month or two and it won’t be used up!” It’s enough to drive you to watch TV. Or play WoW.

In the plus side, it puts me in the mood to sell books and throw things away.

In the meantime . . .
Electra went to the vet last week and cost me $275 in blood tests, only to discover she’s healthy, fully recovered from her FUS, but still with an impressive heart murmur. We have no explanation as to her belly fur loss or inability to put on weight. The (new? fill-in?) vet gave us some homeopathic stuff in brandy (yum!) that she gets with her food. I’m expecting her to gain a little weight, but maybe not much condition.

I’ve got Morticia’s first obedience class tonight, the one where we don’t take her. Becky will be coming so that she can get her new lap dog registered as well.

Tomorrow night, I’m driving to Columbus, Ohio, to pick up her new lap dog at the airport at 11pm. I’m unthrilled, but the breeder is being adamant about the airline and flight time. Whatever. I should be home by 2:00 AM, which gives me three and a half hours before I have to get up Thursday for work.

Pugsley and Morticia love their new fenced yard. I mowed it for the first time last night, and it did save me quite a bit of time versus the old fenced area.

Ozzie, one of our two new kittens (the second will be with the breeder until late July) is an absolute terror, but he’s so cute you can’t help but forgive him. He’s learning about kitchen counters and spray bottles.

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