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Ticks and bugs

Posted by Chris Jones
On May 31st, 2006 at 20:08

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I’d rather remove ticks from the dogs than debug the problem we had at work. It takes about five minutes in 70% isopropyl alchohol to kill a dog tick. I didn’t know that, and got lucky enough to pull the head with the tick with the tweezers.

The problem at work turned out to be all my fault. 🙂 I put code in the setters for the Address class so that no fields could be larger than the database fields. Two of those, for latitude and longitude, were one character too short: the database stored the fields in DECIMAL(9,7) and DECIMAL(10,7), and appended zeroes to the ends of each field, while the class stored those values as Strings. The audit interceptor saw that the values were different and caused a loop (without going into too much detail).

I, erm, filled the production database with over 2.2 million duplicate rows before we managed to get the workflow scheduler process killed.

It took a couple days to find the problem, although I knew exactly what was wrong from the beginning because the audit entries in the database told me. I just didn’t understand why until I traced the whole process.

2 Responses to “Ticks and bugs”

  1. Tuebit Says:

    I’ve (thankfully) not had to do the tick thing with my dogs (we try to make it out camping yearly, so how we’ve avoided ticks, I don’t know). Do you kill the tick first by applying the alcohol? Or is the alcohol something you use after to dispose of it?

    And cool bug.

  2. Chris Says:

    You apply the alchohol first. I took a pill bottle, filled it about 3/4s with alchohol, and then held that over the tick to drown it. The tick will be breathing trapped air under the hairs, so you may choose to remove the alchohol and agitate the tick so that more of its body will be exposed to the alchohol.

    Ticks don’t like this, by the way. They’ll let the dog know.

    After five minutes or so, the tick should finally stop kicking or let go of the dog fur. Take tweezers and *gently* twist the tick’s head out of the dog’s skin.

    In my case, I didn’t know I had to wait five minutes and pulled a live tick out of the dog’s skin, head and all. We got to watch it kick around in alchohol for another three or four minutes before it curled up and looked like the archetypical dog tick you’ll see in pictures.

    We’re going to order another container of Flea Treats to make the dogs less appetizing again.