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Events and suggested missions

Posted by Chris Jones
On April 17th, 2006 at 07:08

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Several events happen at regular intervals during the year:

  • Twice a year elections
  • Spring Festival
  • Summer Festival
  • Harvest Festival
  • Winter Festival (Yule)
  • Lunar New Year

These are scheduled elections. Some time and quantity limited rank 10 missions can also initiate a special election (those that are intended to gather evidence to embarass politicians in power and force a special election). During election season, special missions are available to all organization members and can be accepted with the goal of seizing a faction bonus: successfully completing these missions which directly oppose missions from other organizations will swing voter opinion. Rather than the quantity of missions completed, the average points earned on all special election missions will be used to swing the election.

Absent successful missions, the election itself is a random determination of votes, one for each organization’s candidate, totalling 100 points for all candidates. The average of all the organization’s election mission points adjust that vote.

The organization which won the election gets an additional 10% bonus on all faction checks.

Spring Festival
With the end of winter, people begin to spend more time outdoors and enjoying the city’s parks. This is a prime opportunity for criminal mischief, and it’s up to the forces of law and order to prevent muggings, robberies, and keep the criminal element in check.

Summer Festival
The hottest days of the summer bring out the worst in people. Civil disorder is the watchword, with poorer sections of the city more likely to riot, strike, or cause other unrest. Government organizations will be kept busy controlling and stopping disruptions, while non-government organizations may try to organize these events, or take advantage of the distraction they cause.

Harvest Festival
The city is infected with a carnival atmosphere, as street fairs bring rich and poor alike out into the streets to enjoy traditional sweets, cakes, and parties. This is also an opportunity for non-government organizations to spread terror or to disrupt the festivities. Government organizations will need to try to stop these plots before they happen, and keep the people safe if the plots aren’t stopped.

Winter Festival
The winter cold keeps most people indoors, but doesn’t cool down the conflict between goverment and non-goverment organizations. It’s time for the government forces to take the initiative and work to eliminate the leadership of opposing organizations–if they succeed, spring festival might be easier to manage, but if they fail, new criminal recruits will be blanketing the streets shortly. Non-government organizations get the opportunity to try to ambush government personnel, stopping them from discovering who leads their organizations and giving them false leads to stymie their investigations.

Lunar New Year
It’s a huge celebration for over half the population of the city and a major headache for the government forces. A week of parties and outdoor crowds makes it easy for non-government organizations to regroup, recruit, and execute daring and ambitious plots. Taking advantage of the new year celebrations and how thinly government forces must be spread may give opportunities to raid otherwise secure government installations and get away with whatever loot or distruption can be gained.

One Response to “Events and suggested missions”

  1. NCortex Says:

    Personally in my MMO experience, content such as a festivity offers both an immersive experience and one more thing of interest for a player to work on after having logged in for the day.

    It would be interesting to see the manner in which corporate or government ambition manages to incorporate these into their schemes.

    Perhaps even the unsavory would find a place such as chop-shops kidnapping revelers from the streets and harvesting cybernetics parts etc.

    Holidays don’t just increase the corporate workload. 🙂