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My pre-Creative Commons content license

Posted by Chris Jones
On April 2nd, 2006 at 20:25

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I’m reentering the text of my “Basic Gaming System,” an Open RPG I’d written in 1991-92. I was enchanted to discover the following copyright notice on the inner-front cover.

Basic Gaming System
Copyright © 1992 by Chris Jones
All Rights Reserved

This game is made available free of charge. The only fee that may be charged for it is a copying fee not exceeding the basic fee for such copying services. You may own as many copies of this as you want. It is requested that you do not charge money for any rental or borrowing. Any changes, revisions or suggestions should be forwarded to the author. He gratefully accepts these, especially when they come through the Internet. Information should be free.

Chris Jones


I still feel that way about the game, although it never made it to the Internet. The 32 page game manual was created in Pagemaker and the original files are probably gone or lost on some 1.2 MB floppy disk at my parents’ house, so all I have is one physical copy with 64 glued pages, printed by an IBM ProPrinter in 1992 and bound with a plastic binding clip.

This game came out of my playtesting experiences with a prior PnP game I’d written based on the settings from Sierra’s “Hero’s Quest” games. I hope to make both available in whole or part soon–as quickly as I can type and when I’m not working on other projects.

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