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Unearthing ancient works

Posted by Chris Jones
On February 15th, 2006 at 17:34

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While moving my geeky bookshelves to the basement I found some old writing I’d done as a teenager for an erstwhile D&D campaign. Some of my earliest adventure modules were written in composition books and make for painful going, while toward the end of my PnP gaming in college I was working on game systems. What ended designing games for PnP and roleplayers was my introduction to LambdaMOO and the development of my own MOO cores and new worlds based around text-based MUDs. (The Dragonia MOO core is sitting on my PowerBook’s hard drive waiting for me to compile LambdaMOO on OS X.)

In between designing one-shot adventures and entire game systems was the campaign phase. My favorite work was Tharton, a town setting rich with NPCs and hooks for in-town and out of town adventures. I’m looking over the print out (the original file is on a 5.25″ 1.2 MB floppy, if it still exists) and updating it to make it more generic, more coherent (hey, I was 13!) and a tighter setting. Unfortunately, the map of Tharton is probably missing or hidden away in a closet at my parents’ house, so I’m also stuck with redrawing the town, but on the bright side I can make some serious improvements. Urban renewal is coming to Tharton!

If I have time, I’ll continue converting and updating these documents and posting them to my blog so that they’ll have a chance to survive the next 20 years.

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