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MeshCube and mesh routing

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 7th, 2005 at 13:14

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From a co-worker, MeshCube, intended for ad hoc 802.11 networking.

How big can the network be before the routing tables break down? Can more memory and faster processors solve the problem? Is MITRE’s work appropriate for a global mesh, or as they say, only intended for use with small ad-hoc networks?

What about networks that make best guesses as to where a packet should go? Gnutella used networks of routers and peers, forwarding requests until a peer was discovered, which then allowed a direct peer-to-peer file transfer–that can’t always work in a mesh, as there may be no direct connection.

At what point does relay traffic cause the mesh network to fail? What is the carrying capacity of a mesh network, and what relationship does it have to the number of connected nodes? Is this similar to the problems experienced by Gnutella P2P networks?

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