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Large Branch Compilation

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 4th, 2005 at 12:45

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When developing exceptionally large JSP pages (for work–don’t ask, ’cause it’s too embarassing), you may find yourself limited by the (< JDK 1.4) 32KB branch size. Java methods shouldn’t be compiled to more than 32KB, and aren’t in most cases. However, when working with JSPs that invoke a lot of tags (such as security or logic), you may find the page’s service method (_jspService()) exceeds the default branch size.

To enable Java large branch compilation, set the following define (system property, or “-D” on the command line) when invoking your application server:

To find your compiled JSP pages in WSAD, look in the WORKSPACE_HOME\WORKSPACE_NAME\.metadata\.plugins\com.ibm.etools.webtools\Jsp2Java\PROJECT_NAME\WebContent directory.

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