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Life in a post-Palm world

Posted by Chris Jones
On September 28th, 2005 at 09:14

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I fear that when I need to replace or upgrade my inexpensive, constant companion, a Palm Zire 21, I’ll be forced to either use WinCE (sorry, Windows Mobile), or I’ll have to find a Linux handheld. I had great hopes for the Treo 650 (or successor) when my mobile contract expired next year, even with the problems people have had with the device and service, but given the news about the Microsoft port, I’m not sure I can countenance using it–the Treo 670 700w may have been on the market for nearly a year when I’m ready to change mobile providers.

With Palm’s operating system sale to Access of Japan, there may not be much point in continuing to develop PalmOS applications (I really liked that environment, too), nor may there be much point in continuing to buy Palms. They’ve already dropped the ball on Mac support, and this just gives me less incentive to buy one of the best PDA platforms ever. I may have a clearer idea of what the future holds on 16 October when Palm announces next year’s products–it’s possible the Tungsten XX could be the last with PalmOS, or I could be reading too much into this.

People seem to like Blackberries. I’ll need to look at those as well.

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