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In the real world, we call them psychopaths

Posted by Chris Jones
On September 22nd, 2005 at 07:38

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I was struck by how strongly people act like psychopaths in on-line PvP games.

Of course, I hear the “roar” of him dismount and obviously I expect the worse. He’s a warrior, so I wait for him to charge and stun me so I can blink out of it. He does, just like any warrior would do . . .

A few seconds later he tries again. The same exact thing happens. I continue skipping down the path some more until he then tries another time . . .

Of course, this may actually be a healthy release for some people.

In either case, this story explains why I don’t like playing on PvP servers: there’s too much chance for random gankage, the same reason I don’t walk through Cincinnati’s Over the Rhine neighborhood, or visit the barrios of East L.A., or visited New Orleans before the scouring. In games, my fun doesn’t include being assaulted by other players and losing at the least time, and more often hard-earned resources or XP.

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