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OMG Eclipse

Posted by Chris Jones
On March 19th, 2014 at 09:02

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I haven’t been using Eclipse since I worked at Amazon, except for a few short stints pulling configuration values from one project to another at Overstock. Now that I’m at IBM, the corporate home of the Eclipse Project, and on a project that requires it (because I can’t get the IntelliJ IDEA Rational Team Concert (RTC) plug-in to install correctly) I’m getting a chance to see just how bad parts of Eclipse are.

I’m missing:
* Search everywhere
* Being able to click a button to point to the current file in the project/workspace
* When creating new files, being able to scroll around and reference other files to maintain consistency in naming
* Find a file by name (not just a class name). I’ve got over 24,000 files in this project . . .

I can adapt to the keystrokes well enough, but I’d hate to see how Eclipse would dog on any less of a machine than the Lenovo W530 I’m using.