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The Halls of Reflection (Heroic) tax

Posted by Chris Jones
On December 27th, 2009 at 21:54

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After my, what, 30th wipe in Halls of Reflection Heroic, this time to a tank that wouldn’t pull waves back to the group but kept trying to fight on the altar, finally keeping Falric out of my healing range after I was feared in the opposite direction, I’m convinced Halls of Reflection is actually a gold tax on people using the random group tool.

I’ve run it successfully despite a lot of bad pugs but I much prefer doing it with a guild group. Becky saw how bad it was on normal mode today when she ran it with one of her Hunters. By comparison, Forge of Souls and Pit of Saron are cakewalks.

Maybe it’s because Halls of Reflection is a healing test, or maybe it’s because most pugs can’t seem to assist. When I ran it earlier today on Normal mode, I made sure everyone knew to assist off the main tank (a mediocre Death Knight, but it’s tough to be a good DK tank). At the least, a successful HoR group can pull 3k DPS per character, minus the healer and maybe the tank — any less and I’m out of mana or dead before I can keep the group’s health up. I feel like HoR was really built around the Holy Priest, even more so than the Tribunal encounter in Halls of Stone.

One Response to “The Halls of Reflection (Heroic) tax”

  1. Mom Says:

    Excuse me??? Bad Pugs! I have NEVER met a bad Pug.