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Posted by Chris Jones
On December 21st, 2007 at 10:34

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Becky noticed that I really haven’t been spending a lot of time playing MMOs, or console games (neither the Wii nor the PS2 is hooked up) . . . basically, my evenings have been spent talking or keeping her company or doing chores or going out. So while she doesn’t mind having the company, sometimes she might want to go play Warcraft or CoV or GW on her PC too.

While we haven’t quite carved out a time for me to play yet, we both agree that it’s probably okay for me to spend a little time playing, especially on weekends.

Assuming that I’m playing WoW most of the time (because she finds LOTRO to be utterly boring), we discussed what would be the best class for me to play. I’ll admit I have a soft spot for Priests, I’ve really enjoyed my Draenei Paladin, I really want to like Rogues and Mages, and I am curious about Warlocks–however, she recommended that if I feel Hunter envy whenever I watch her play one of her Hunters, that if I want to be able to solo elites and handle multi-mob pulls and have a pet tank for me (while I play pet cleric with a nice HoT), I should really, finally either pick up my Hunter again or roll up a new one (like a Troll or Draenei).

I’m more or less retired from playing healers in WoW because of targeting, keyboard, and add-on unhappiness. With the original CastParty and click-to-cast mods dead, I play a much poorer healer, especially as WoW isn’t as responsive to keyboard casts (for me, at least) as EQ or DAOC had been.