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No, I haven’t abandoned the blog

Posted by Chris Jones
On December 20th, 2007 at 10:12

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No, I haven’t abandoned my blog. Since I last posted:

  • My house didn’t sell
  • We put in a wood floor on one of the levels of my house
  • We moved back into the house
  • I finally got my PC hooked back up and have played a total of, um, 14 hours of MMOs
  • We’ve resigned ourselves to living here until either the housing market picks up, I have enough equity to sell (Ohio equity is worth about a quarter of Seattle equity, or was when I moved out here), or I can afford to take a loss

At work, I’ve been splitting my time between Perl/Mason development for the front-end (some of my code is live and executes on every product detail page on Amazon.com) and back-end development and maintenance. I’ve been busy enough at work that I haven’t had the time or energy to consider issues in MMO development or to write much about them, and if I don’t have anything to communicate, I didn’t see any reason to write. In the Good News/Bad News category, my team’s two most senior developers (who have, respectively, been working on Plogs for four and three years) are moving onto other project teams (S3, infrastructure development) , which means I get to make design and architecture decisions, or at least present them to principal engineers (good), I’m ultimately responsible for most of the server backend for Plogs (used for things like wishlist notifications and other services to be publicly available in the future, in addition to the blogs) (good), and I get all the failure pages (bad). Admittedly, we’re not a core or critical service, so we don’t get high severity pages unless we break the homepage or detail pages, but it still means I have to keep the pager in fresh batteries. Preparing to backfill for those developers has been a significant task, not just for me but also for them.