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Python dev environment is up

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 27th, 2005 at 14:53

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I got my Python development environment working under OS X. I broke down and used the prepackaged binaries from Undefined.org and PythonMac–I wanted to use 2.4, and continue developing with PyGame.

Overall, not too bad, although I didn’t expect that I would need PyObjC, though I should have figured it out, since that’s needed for just about any link to native services (LibSDL calls included).

I haven’t played much with XCode even though it looks nice. My biggest hangup is the windows-on-the-desktop layout, instead of a single window MDI interface that I’ve grown used to with Eclipse. Eclipse 3.1.1 works well, even with PyDev and CDT, although most of my Win32 and Cygwin projects will need to be moved into new workspace projects (their build targets are locked into Win32 Cygwin).