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Problems dragging windows in OS X Tiger 1.4.2 on my Powerbook G4 15″

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 26th, 2005 at 13:49

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I haven’t been able to find a description of this problem on the web–but I can get screenshots of it! In sort, when dragging windows around the desktop, or scrolling through pages or lists, light blue pixels get left behind. Drag the window in a circular motion and you can get entire windows of blue pixels. The stray pixels disappear after the window is refreshed.

I assume this has to do with antialiasing, although I was unable to affect it by changing the antialiasing settings. Text, window decorators–basically anything black–will cause this. I can hope that it will be fixed in the upcoming 1.4.3 OS X release or with a display adapter driver update, but I’ll bring it into the local Apple Store just in case.

The PowerBook is the new 15″, ATI Radeon 9700 video card with 128 MB RAM, and 1 GB of system RAM. The rumor I’d read (at Macintouch?) that these are running a special pre-1.4.3 build of 1.4.2 to support the new hardware.

For the limited gaming I’ve had time to do with it, Warcraft III performs flawlessly. World of Warcraft requires the settings be turned down for a decent framerate, so it seems more like I’m playing World of Fogcraft.

Edit: The trip to the Apple Store was uneventful. The Genius Bar is best reserved in-person, unless you’re a ProCare subscriber. The website tells you when the next appointment is, and you don’t get to push it back to a reasonable time if you’re off-site. Of course, being on site with my Powerbook let me sit in the “theatre” (four big benches) and browse the web, check my mail, and compile Python 2.4.2. The tech said that my graphics problem was known, pretty common, and implied that it would be fixed in 1.4.3 (which, of course, doesn’t exist, and wasn’t loaded onto all the machines in the store that morning, unless you checked the machines and saw it was there, but they can’t say that). If I still have the problem after Software Update runs (on 27 October 2005?) then I may consider getting a motherboard replacement–but I should consider a local firm, computerDNA, rather than the Apple Store and its 15 day backlog.

Oh, and to make this gaming related, the tech plays WoW on the Archimonde server as an Alliance, so we had nothing in common. 😉 And his girlfriend was there, who he apologized to for the WoW talk, saying, “Well, that’s my job, you know.”

The Governor

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 26th, 2005 at 13:07

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I know how I missed The Governor–I was so busy with work and the puppy that I didn’t check all my blog feeds. Bad! Bad!

If you’re looking for something to watch the Warden (Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?), this might be the trick. I glanced through some of the code and didn’t see anything that looked terribly suspicious–aside from injecting hooks into running code. Coming from a UNIX-y development background, that bugs me just a bit, but then so does the Warden. Ethically, I can’t believe the ends always justify the means, but from a business perspective, what Blizzard is doing makes a whole lot of sense. So does simply banning anyone who causes you to spend time and money on customer service.

Caveat: When I write C or C++, I’m doing it on a UNIX/Linux box, Cygwin, OS X–generally, anything but Win32. And when I need to do it on Win32, I’m relying on crutches and it’s going to be very simple in scope and small in size, so don’t take my bland comment about nothing “terribly suspicious” as an outright endorsement of the code. Personally, I believe Mr. Hoglund to be a trustworthy developer and skilled enough that if he wanted to hide fun things in his code, I’d never notice them.

Running Python as a Windows service

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 26th, 2005 at 09:38

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Reblog from Grig Gheorghiu’s Agile Testing blog.

I can see this being needed for running servers in Python in Win32. I may need to remember how to do this in the future.