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If every time you go, you don’t like it, why do you keep going?

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 24th, 2005 at 08:44

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I had a typically miserable experience at MicroCenter (the regional Frys lite, hold the flavor and value) Saturday.

Last Wednesday, I ordered a PowerBook G4 for myself (to replace my Dell Inspirion 8100) and a Mac mini for my wife (hey, it’s what she wanted, and she needs to replace her iMac DV SE). Both computers are supposed to arrive this week and I figured I need to get around to the other necessary hardware purchases, plus the power had just flickered and my wife’s UPS had completely failed her.

MicroCenter is, arguably, the closest computer store to our house, maybe 10 minutes away if there’s heavy traffic. CompUSA may be closer in mileage, but it feels longer because of construction, railroad tracks, and heavier traffic. I grew up going to MicroCenter, and it was a fun place for me to visit–my father still loves to go because they have a reasonably large digital photography section. However, my last few visits have left me feeling anything but warm toward the store.

Only a year behind

Posted by Chris Jones
On October 24th, 2005 at 08:08

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I ordered the Warcraft 3 Battle Chest a couple weeks ago and it arrived last Monday–unopened until Friday, when I finally convinced my wife to install and try it. She doesn’t care for RTS games anyway, and while this had a gentle introduction, she doesn’t like missions where you have to defend your base and attack other groups. She’s much more content to pause in playing Guild Wars for a few minutes to watch the cut scenes on my machine.

Saturday I installed it, and started playing Sunday (hey, I had a puppy to watch!). It’s a well done RTS, with a strong storyline, the primary reason I’m even playing it. I especially like the “I failed this mission, so make it easier next time!” button.

I figure the original WC3:ROC will last another 12-16 hours of play, depending on how long missions are in the future. I tend to stretch missions out, building up as many forces as I can, when I can, to zerg the enemies; it worked in C&C and it works in most missions in WC3:ROC.

Included in the battle chest is WC3:TFT, instruction manuals, and two compressed cheat guides. I’ll admit cracking open the cheat guides to figure out what is going on in a couple of the missions–again, I blame the puppy! I’m not sure how much content is in WC3:TFT, but it might stretch my total first time through playtime to 40+ hours.