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What Guild Wars did right and wrong

Posted by Chris Jones
On September 12th, 2005 at 14:27

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A week of Guild Wars has given me a good idea of what I think was done right, and what was done wrong.

The Right

  • Map Travel
    This may be the single best feature of GW. Common in single-player games, but avoided in most MMOs (’cause it supposedly breaks immersion), I’ve found that I can’t stand waiting for boats or taking flights in WoW anymore. DAOC has map travel in the Frontier, although I haven’t personally used this feature. CoH has a limited form of map travel, where from a train station your character can be transported to any other station on that line. EQ has group teleports to limited locations, although this ability is limited to the Druid and Wizard classes. Opening map travel to all characters, at all times, makes travelling to town or completing some quests refreshingly easy.
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