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Posted by Chris Jones
On September 6th, 2005 at 09:13

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We’re not heavy PvPers. I daresay, we avoid PvP with a few exceptions:

  • in DAOC, the Battlegrounds were pretty fun (until we ran into the rogue with a deathwish who loved to play suicidal assassin),
  • in WoW, we’ll kill someone who’s flagged and griefing lowbie quest mobs, or attacking a home city,
  • and I’ll accept duels, especially while waiting for boats/blimps in WoW.

That’s why it was something of a shock when my wife agreed to try GuildWars–of course, that may have had something to do with my emphasis on the PvE aspects.

I’ve rolled four characters, and finally got a Necromancer/Monk to the post-Searing part of the game. My wife has two characters post-searing, one up to 12 (the last time I checked). She was surprised to hear that the game caps at level 20 (expecting a longer grind, I expect), but did let her know that there’s plenty of end-game content (unlike WoW).